PCB design solutions

Born as a leading PCB design solutions provider for commercial, military and aerospace applications. In order to achieve the perfect and undisputable PCB design solutions, the company has developed adequate infrastructure, tools with skilled personnel. It is our pride that we are a certified vendor to the ISRO for the past 17 years continuously.

Multi Tech Systems gives you cost effective, intelligent and immediate access to PCB CAD Design resource strengthening your business. It has taken a deliberate course of action to provide PCB Design enthusiasts with a broad range of PCB Solutions.


  • PCB Layout Design
  • Schematic capturing
  • Library symbol & foot print creation
  • Layers – 2 to 24 rigid & flexi rigid with blind, buried and micro vias
  • Types – Digital, Analog, Power, Communication, RF, etc
  • Areas – Avionics, Space Research, Industrial, Telecomm, Medical, Locamotive, Automation, etc
  • Material support – FR4, Polymide, Teflon, RT duroid, Thermount, Mica
  • High speed, high current, high voltage designs
  • Re-Engineering
  • Controlled impedance designs
  • SI Analysis
  • EMI/EMC analysis
  • Thermal analysis
  • Design Standards – IPC, MIL


With perfect synergy, over 2000 or so high density multilayer complex on-board layouts have been developed for IRS and INSAT series of satellite projects. Over 3000 double sided and multilayer boards have been designed to Government and private sectors for various applications in the areas of Avionics, Space science, telecommunication, networking, medical, automation, etc. Various challenging types of board designs are successfully handled in the field of Digital, Analog, mixed, High power, etc.