Automated Test systems

We under one roof develop any automated test system for handling automated test process without much human involvement in almost al electronic fields and it takes care of getting the raw data from the process and analyzing the date using comparative parameters provided by client for its maximum and minimum tolerance and scope. This also will provide high end human understandable report on all necessary test cases.

We developed a console and the software required for handling the stepper motor for rotating each degree and check the input from sensor mounted on the stepper motor through DAQ and do all relevant calculation and create a final test report and comparison report with the defined values, provide required graphical output like sign curve and also export all the MIS through Excel or common delimited files.

It also decides on its own using the complex logic on analyzing all this report and finally reject or approve the sensor under test.

Need for this product is to test the sun sensor which is used on satellite for dedecting the direction of the sun for handling the solar panel to face the sun with highest embadance