• Approved vendor at ISAC for On-board PCB CAD layout & Inspection, HMC Test Jigs fabrication, On-board PCB inspection and micro-sectioning.
  • With perfect synergy, over 2000 or so high density complex on-board layouts have been developed for IRS, INSAT, GEOSTAT, RISAT, CARTOSAT and Chandrayaan series of satellite projects.
  • Designed, fabricated and delivered 300 Nos of Functional and Burn-in test jigs for various satellite projects.
  • Multi-layer boards have been successfully designed despite design constraints like, say speed < 1 ns rise time.†
  • Designed PCBs for mixed signal products including microvolts, split power plane for various grounding techniques and V 2.0 compliant PCI Add-on cards.
  • Contributing to ongoing development of new and updated industry standards with the Indian Space Research Organisation, the premier Government R&D body for space sciences.
  • Developed an exhaustive components library with listing of over 3500 components as the most comprehensive and single-point source of reference for hi-tech clientele.